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Official FileMaker
FileMaker Support Knowledge Base
FileMaker Help - Online
FileMaker TechNet ($99/year)
FileMaker Technical Briefs (for TechNet members)
FileMaker Whitepaper on charting

For answers from the FM community at-large:
FMPUG, aggregator of user groups
FileMaker Today
FileMaker Café
FM Forums
FileMaker Forum

Sources of FileMaker solution resources:
The starter solutions that come with FileMaker Pro
SeedCode templates and bolt-ons (free/$)
ISO Productions Theme Library (demo/$)
ISO Productions FileMaker Magazine ($)
Custom Functions Contributor Library
Plug-in Listing Library (free/$)

Popular and good FileMaker blogs:
SavvyData Blog
FileMaker Pro News Directory
FileMaker Design Forum
FileMaker Success Tips Podcast
FileMakerTalk Podcast

If you are doing professional development:
Inspector Pro by FM Nexus via Beezwax ($$)
BaseElements by Goya ($$)
fmXRaySpecs by Workflow Data Systems ($)
2empowerFM by Dracoventions

Summary of UNIX commands
Beginner's Guide to UNIX (UMN)
UNIX for Beginners, Kleywegt
Ch 28 -- The BSD FAQ

Uncgi home
The CGI Resource Index

The cgiemail home page
CGI City - One of the biggest
Welcome to ScriptBuilder.com!
Description of different types of shells
Kira's Web Toolbox
Cookie Central

- what's that site running?
Yahoo Traceroute - get TCP/IP path timing.

SUN Style Guide
Apple Pub Guide (1998)

Unrelated Goodies...
Dictionaries & Reference sites...

Cook Special Characters Code Table
Cook Symbols Code Table (orig source)
How Characters Map tutorial (orig source)

Netscape 6x6x6 Color Palette Map
WCU color grid (gif, 330k)
mouseover grid (no values)

Browser-safe colors by hex & RGB values:
sorted by Value (orig source, Lynda Weinman)
sorted by Hue (orig source, Lynda Weinman)

GrafX Tutorials - General color backgrounder

Visibone charts:


Hex-value Translations:
00 :: 000
33 :: 051
66 :: 102
99 :: 153
CC :: 204
FF :: 255

Testing Window Sizing -- the effect of pop-up window calls to monitor resolution...


Call graphic into
pop-up window with:
1) bare window
2) + std toolbar
3) + status bar
4) + menu bar
5) + address bar
6) + scrollbars

EchoEcho - HTML, JavaScript, Flash, and much, much more.
Server Watch - check in to check out the state of xxx internet technology.
Internet.com - The ultimate "all bases covered" portal.
Too many more to list .. new page here.

JavaScript Doc top ten sites
JavaScript Object Roadmap
JavaScript Guide
JavaScript Reference
The WDVL: JavaScript
sample scripts...
WebCoder.com Scriptorium
scripts from Joy of JavaScript
Danny Goodman's JS pages

The Java Tutorial

Java Applets
Java Language Basics, 1
Java Language Basics, 2
Java White Paper
Java Developer Connection

Informed Filler for Java

Java tricks

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