B. Developing a Publications Department

Post-Production Considerations

After the documentation is delivered to production, your work is not done. You should have a plan in place to deal with last-minute product changes or inaccuracies in the documentation. Also, if the product documentation is likely to be revised, you should collect and maintain information that will help with the next version.

Handling Post-Production Revisions

Despite your best efforts, you may discover technical inaccuracies after the documentation is produced, either from omissions or from changes to the product. Therefore, allocations of monetary and staff resources to the project must continue even after the date the final documentation is delivered to production.

Typical ways to correct documentation inaccuracies include:

Note - If your company sells directly to customers rather than through a third-party commercial distributor, you can issue change pages or update packages through your distribution channel or sales staff even after the product ships.

Make sure that customer support, marketing, localization, and sales personnel know about the inaccuracies and the steps taken to correct them.

Maintaining Project Continuity

Once a product has shipped, your first impulse may be to try to forget about it as soon as possible. This will only make your job more difficult when you have to revise the documentation for the next version. Some of the information you may want to save or document about a project includes: