Sample Technical Review Cover Letter

Technical Review Cover Letter

To: Reviewer List

From: Writer Name

Subject: Technical Review of Name of Book

Date: Date

The attached manuscript is the technical review version of Name of Book. Please review the entire manuscript, paying special attention to the notes/questions to reviewers. All open issues and unanswered questions must be resolved for this technical review to be complete.

I would appreciate your general comments as well as specific answers to the issues raised in the notes. Please give detailed and thorough responses. Also, please address the specific review responsibilities of your department.

[Add any comments regarding specific issues/content.]

Your review must be returned by 5 p.m. on Date. After reviewing your responses, I will discuss any discrepancies at the technical review sign-off meeting, which will be held:

Date, at Time

Name Conference Room

Due to the tight production schedule, please make wording or style suggestions only if they affect the technical accuracy of the text.

Thank you very much for your attention to this document. Your comments are appreciated and contribute greatly to improving the quality of Company Name documentation.